Tuesday, September 7, 2010


In these year and next year time, there are so many exhibitions for watches, gemstones and jewelry. We can say, that almost five continental have their own exhibitions agendas. Most of famous exhibitions you can visit, and you can buy these thing savely. I make sure in these exhibitions you pay for properly.  A few of these exhibitions are:
      -Salon Jewelry 2010, on 25 -08-2010 to 05 - 09-2010 in Moscow,Crocus Expo Intern Specialized Exhibition  
      -Jeweler 2010, on 03-09-2010 to  10-09-2010 in Moscow, Sokolniki. EC. Moscow International Fair of Preciuos Metals
      -World of Gift 2010, 08-09 2010 to 11-09-2010 in Ukraine, Kiev.   VII International Exhibition of Gift 
      -The World of Stone 2010,   21-10-2010 to 24-10-2010 in Saint Peterburg, GHPA(Muhinsky School). Exhibition the World of the Stone. 
      -Master of Russia 2010,  21-10-2010 to 26-10-2010 in Moscow, Manege.  Millinaire Fair in Moscow.
      -Luxury and Premiere Jewellery Evant,   31-05-2011 to 02-06-2011 in Las Vegas, NV. USA.
      -Swiss Watch by JCK,  June 2011, in Las Vegas, NV, USA.  Jewelry manufactures, disigners and watch brands exhibition.
      -Beijing International Jewellery Fair 2011
      -International Jewellery Dubai 2011
      -International Istanbul Jewelry Fair.
      -Hongkong Watch Clock Fair 2010 , 06-09-2010 to 10-09-2010 in Hongkong, China. Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
      - And many more.
These are a few exhibitions agendas. I hope give you a lot of benefit to read it before you buy watches, gemstones or jewelry. Please go to above exhibition to buy its.