Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wearing Watches Reflax Who You Are

Wearing watches can reflax  who you are. Now people more chose use their cellphone to become their watches.  Any where they go, they carrying cellphone.  As communication device and  as watches substitute , playing device, as map and many other purpose.

Actually, cellphone can not take watches place to this one: people who wearing watches look more responsible. The image from wearing watches is you are very pay attention about ' time', about your promise, about your figure. You will able manage time.

This benefit only you can get if you wearing a watches, no matter cheap watches, good watches or even very expensive and super limited one. So, if you want winning people hart and want they look you as responsible one, my advice is use watches, so you can get respect  from them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Diamonds hardnes gift love inspirations

People show their love to other people to gift some thing precious, like gold or diamonds. Why people use diamonds to show their love? Diamond famous on its brightnes and hartness. Now we talk about diamonds hardness.

Minerals scientist Mohs had classifield hardness of minerals or things. Their are ten scale, and diamonds at the top one. This is the scale:
                                  Mohs hardness                            Absolute hardness
        Talc                             1                                                   1
       Gypsum                        2                                                   3
       Calcite                          3                                                   9
       Fluorite                         4                                                   21
       Apatite                         5                                                   48
       Orthoclase Feldspar     6                                                   72
       Quartz                         7                                                   100
       Topaz                          8                                                   200
       Corundum                   9                                                   400
       Diamond (c)                10                                                 1600

So, diamond is very good thing to show, how quality some one love. Still love under highly pressure. No matter how many time to need. Specially diamond on their wedding ring. Yes, diamond forever!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The fact of DIAMONDS

Diamond is the cristal carbon alotrop . This mineral is very very hard. In Greek: adamas ( impossibel  to concord). This mineral can spread flash to.

Now we can find diamonds mine in south and north Africa, Canada,Russia, Brazil and Australia. We can mining diamonds 130 millions carat or 26.000 kg  almost $9 billions dollar/year. Diamond famous on its hardness and optical . If one diamond has been cut properly, shinning, and must becoming a very interesting stone.
There are four subject to valuing a diamond. There are 4C. Are: CARAT, CLARITY, COLOUR, and CUT. Now Belgium is most leading nation on diamonds industries. For example: De Beer Group, Antwerp.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jewelry, special gift for special person

Jewelry, now is becoming special gift. You can gift it for present to some special in your life. Different person different gifts. For example, you want to gift a present to your mommy and daddy. You will gift them the best one. Maybe you looking a very nice watches. But if you can not find right one, I suggest you try to looking for a jewelry.

 In this chase, you can buy them a ring with special gemstone, or bracelet or earring . If you want gift some thing more special you can find a good jewelry maker with your special design. You need a expert to make special gift. A jewelry maker must give you the best advice around it. From the design, the material, how to make it and also the price.

 But if you want to give a present for your friend, I think cheap jewelry is enough. The most importance is your willing to them. But if you need to give a present to your girl friend or your boy friend you must gift the best one. The point of  we giving a present to some one is we want to show them we love and care them. The present will memories them to us. The time they see the present, they remember us. Live time present.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My opinion: You rather buy branded and original watches than cheap one

Watches product in world market is very large. There is a big number of brand in the market. From very low quality watches to highly quality branded watches.

 Why you must buy the original and branded one? 
 The low quality watches will make you mad. From bad materials, bad production, no after sale service, and usually watches already broken before you use.

 If you buy original branded watches, you will fill satisfy. The number of you pay is equal of you get. You get the best materials for watches you buy, you get after sales service and spare parts, you get the best production from reputable factories.

 There are watches branded and factories from a few countries:
      -SEIKO, ALBA, ORIENT, CITIZEN,  made in Japan
      -TITUS, LONGINES, ROLEX, ect made in Swiss
      -And countries like USA and Germany have made branded watches too, and a lot of their product are
       very high quality.
 Okey, if you know another watches brands and countries made its you can tell me. Thanks.